4 Go Pro Action Cameras You Should Definitely Consider Buying

If you are an outdoors lover, you appreciate how important it is to capture those mercurial moments. Whether you are out for a dive or you are skiing, there are magical moments that cannot be captured by your ordinary DSLR camera. This is where action cameras come in handy. These gadgets are optimized to work in the most rugged environments and capture even the seemingly impossible shots.

GoPro utstyr is the market leader when it comes to action cams. This global brand allows users to capture amazing shots from the most complicated locations. The small yet rugged devices are designed to be attached to gopro mounts, helmets, cars, skis, surfboards, cars and any other object, which will allow the user to get amazing shots.

There are various models you can choose from this brand and while they have slimmed their action cam range, there are still enough options for the extreme sport lover. Here are some of the brands you should review before hitting the store:

1.Go Pro Hero 4 Session

Its size belies the capability and features packed inside. It is waterproof up to 33 feet and hence there is no need for polycarbonate housing, which reduces the cost. The square box might not be much to look at yet the shape makes it easier to mount right side up. It is easy to mount and use and with a single press you are up and ready to start recording. One shortcoming is of course the lack of a screen and you have to use an app to change the settings. The battery is not removable, which makes it incapable for long trips. It goes for around $200.

2.Go Pro Hero 5 Black

This is a popular upgrade, which is considered one of the best cameras from gopro tilbehør. It comes packed with amazing features including waterproofing, RAW output support, video at 30 feet. The touch screen allows you to preview and you don’t need an app to change settings or operate. For long excursions, the removable battery is a Godsend.

3.Go Pro Hero 5 Session

The 2016 Hero Session continued with the small device range that still packs a punch. It offers impressive video and while it lacks a rear touch screen, it is an affordable alternative. It has little footprint, wind noise reduction, 4K video quality and it is a great option if you are looking for something affordable.

4.Go Pro Hero4 Silver

It is one of the most recommended Go Pro cameras with a right balance of features and high quality performance. It has 4K video capability up to 15fps but still goes up to 720p at 120 fps. It offers the best quality of videos and comes with an in-built touchscreen for more flexibility when recording.